Stewart USPBL

NSOA Trainer Mark Stewart working in United Shore Professional Baseball League

Baseball Training

3/18/23 – 9:30am Classroom, 10:45am-1pm Cage work (Bring plate gear) – TC West High School

6/4/23 – 1pm.  4 Person Mechanics (Open to everyone interested) – TC West Middle School

Click here for May 2021 Training Video

Member in Good Standing Requirements for Baseball are:  Paid Membership dues, completed membership application (can download on “New Member Form” page), and attend 50% of training sessions  (at least one must be cage or field work).


NSOA will provide educational and practical training to improve your individual umpiring skills and capabilities. All levels of umpires from novices to experienced umpires are welcomed. Training is scheduled prior to, during and after the high school baseball season. Training is structured to help all members maximize their umpiring potential. Training modules will include classroom discussions, rule interpretations, case studies and proper mechanics.

NSOA will provide opportunities to improve your plate mechanics including stance, tracking the ball, calling balls and strikes, safe/outs and proper coverage and rotation responsibilities. Training will also improve your field mechanics including proper positioning, footwork, proper coverage and rotation responsibilities and crew communications.

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