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Important information from the MHSAA

The 22/23 Basketball Online Rules meeting is now available at  This is REQUIRED to officiate high school games.
The following are required for post season eligibility.  Log in to to access.
 – Online Rules Meeting  (required to officiate any high school games)
– Season schedule
– Post Season Exam (for Quarterfinal and higher tournament selection)
– Set tournament available/unavailable dates.  Blocks in Arbiter does not satisfy this!!

Basketball Training Dates for 2022/23

10/30/22 – Rookie (5 years and under) Training.    11:30AM, Old YMCA (off S. Airport Rd)
12/04/22 – General Training.  11:00AM – 12:30PM, TCSF Gym ** New Location! **
01/15/23 – Rookie (5 years and under) Training.  11am – 12:30pm, Old YMCA (off S Airport Rd)
01/29/23 – General Training. 11:00AM – 12:30PM, Old YMCA (off S Airport Rd)
02/26/23 – General Training.  11:00AM – 12:00PM.   Zoom meeting.   Link in Arbiter.
Member in Good Standing requirements for Basketball are:  Paid Membership dues, completed Membership form (can be downloaded from “New Member Form” page), and attend 50% of training sessions.


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