The name of this organization shall be: NORTHERN SPORTS OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION (NSOA)


  1. Educate our members through clinics, programs, and meetings designed to improve the quality of officiating throughout northern Michigan.
  2. Provide a high caliber of officiating during interscholastic contests between MHSAA member schools.
  3. Maintain “Approved Association” status as defined by the MHSAA.
  4. Provide mutual support to NSOA members through a professional approach to athletic officiating in all MHSAA sanctioned sports.
  5. Promote the MHSAA “Code for Athletic Officials” and the NSOA “Code of Ethics”.


  1. Membership in this association shall be extended to all individuals who support the purpose of NSOA.
  2. Membership shall be of the following:
  3. A member is an individual who is properly registered with MHSAA and is current in his/her dues as recorded by the NSOA Treasurer.
  4. A member who is nominated for NSOA membership by virtue of his/her support of the purpose of the association shall be known as an
  5. An Honorary member is exempt from NSOA dues and MHSAA registration obligations.
  6. Membership Privileges:
  7. Members are entitled to one vote in the conduct of NSOA business and are eligible to hold office.
  8. Honorary members may not vote or hold office, but may serve in any capacity as appointed by the president of the association.
  9. Membership Obligations:
  10. Volunteer to work at least one scrimmage/camp per season in the sports in which he/she has registered.
  11. Attend meetings and training clinics/programs.
  12. Develop officiating skills to the highest possible level of competency.
  13. Maintain conduct which will bring credit to the association and its members.
  14. The Executive Board of the NSOA shall the power to refuse membership to an applicant, censor, suspend or expel any member for violation of the MHSAA “Code of Conduct for Officials” or the NSOA “Code of Ethics”, or behavior that discredits NSOA. The member shall receive written notice of all charges an shall have a right to a hearing before the Ethics Committee before Executive Board action is taken. The Executive Board shall issue a written decision regarding action taken against the member or applicant. If the member or applicant waives his/her right to a hearing before the Ethics Committee, the decision of the Executive Board shall be final.


  1. The election of the Executive Board shall take place every two years at the Fall business meeting. Candidates for President and Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer, Training Coordinator, and Member at Large shall be nominated by the general membership, voted into office by simple majority, and take office immediately following the meeting.
  2. Elected Executive Board members may resign at any time in writing to the NSOA Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer. Vacancies will be filled by nomination in accordance to the provisions of Article IV, Section A and elected by simple majority vote by the general membership a the next business meeting or at any special business meeting as scheduled by the Executive Board.
  3. Electronic Meetings and Voting. A quorum of the Executive board shall consist of a majority as defined in  these Bylaws. Decisions by the Executive Board can be conducted Voting by mail or electronic ballot(including email motions) or telephone call may be conducted between scheduled meetings of the Executive Board as long as each Executive board member has had time to review and comment on motions. Such ballots shall be initiated by the President or designee.  This provision also includes special electronic voting required of the membership for approval between scheduled general membership meetings as long as the below are followed:
    • guarantee secrecy;
    • ensure a proper and accurate vote count;
    • authenticate the eligibility of each voter;
    • safeguard against potential hackers;
    • limit a member to one vote cast;
    • protect against computer viruses;
    • make the Internet or email accessible to its members;
    • protect against the interception or alteration of votes;
    • instruct members on how to vote electronically;
    • ensure that the web server does not crash during the voting period; and
    • ensure that a process is available to conduct a recount of the ballots if necessary.

    Several online service providers advertise the ability to conduct online elections for associations. Online elections/votes  should be conducted by a reputable service provider with no formal or informal connection to any association leader or board member.





  1. There will be regularly scheduled training meetings in compliance with all regulations of the MHSAA for each sport that the association is approved for by the MHSAA. The dates, locations and times for these meetings shall be determined by the individual Trainer and provided to the membership on NSOA website.
  2. The meetings shall be of an instructional nature and pertaining to the sport and topic as announced in writing by NSOA. The meeting shall be conducted by the approved trainer for that sport.
  3. There shall be one business meetings for the NSOA each school year. The Fall business meeting which shall be held in August or September of each year.
  4. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all business meetings in cases where they are applicable.


  1. A member is eligible for membership on the Executive Board when he/she is a current member in good standing and has been a member of the NSOA for at least one year prior to the date of election or appointment.
  2. There shall be five (5) members of the Executive Board: President, Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer, Training Coordinator, and one member at large.
  3. The general membership shall elect Executive Board members for lengths of service of two years during the Fall business meeting. During even numbered years, the membership will elect the President, the training coordinator, and members at large. During odd numbered years the membership shall elect the Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer. These elections shall take place in accordance with the provisions of Article IV, Section A of these Bylaws.
  4. Vacancies due to resignation or removal from office shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of Article IV, Section B of these Bylaws.
  5. A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.
  6. The NSOA Executive Board shall have charge of the property, control and management of the affairs and funds of the Association and shall have the authority to perform all acts and functions consistent with these by-laws.
  7. The Executive Board shall approve the annual fiscal report and expenses of the NSOA.
  8. The Executive board shall be limited to expenses of under $500. The President shall be limited to expenses of $500 to $1000 without membership approval. All expenses exceeding $1000 must receive membership approval.
  9. The Executive Board shall meet twice during the school year and hold additional meetings as necessary.


  1. President: Shall preside over business meetings and meetings of the
    Executive Board; shall serve as a liaison with the MHSAA and other school officials coordinating NSOA correspondence to and from members, schools, individuals and groups; shall assume any other responsibilities delegated by the Executive Board.
  2. Vice President/Secretary: shall preside over business meetings and/or Executive Board meetings in the absence of the President; shall maintain records on membership, including personal and officiating information of each member; shall keep the minutes of each business/Executive Board meeting for presentation at the next meeting and keep file copies; shall coordinate communication between NSOA and MHSAA; shall serve as NSOA liaison with area media(newspaper, radio, TV); shall serve as parliamentarian and be knowledgeable in Robert’s Rules of Order;
  3. Treasurer: shall make a financial report at each business meeting; shall keep a record of assets, liabilities, income and disbursements of the association; shall coordinate annual dues collection; shall pay all NSOA bills through association accounts; shall provide an annual budget report and income statement to the Executive Board; shall assume other responsibilities delegated by the Executive Board.
  4. Training Coordinator: shall assist in the planning and coordination of all meetings and clinics and assist the President, Vice-President/ Secretary, and Treasurer in conducting the business of the association. Be the liaison between the sports specific sports and the MHSAA.
  5. Member at Large: shall assist in the planning and coordination of all meetings and clinics and assist the President, Vice-president/ Secretary,and Treasurer in conducting the business of the association. Be the Liaison between the general membership and the Executive Board.


  1. Dues for the following year will be determined prior to the Fall business meeting and shall apply to the NSOA membership year beginning September 1 through August 31.
  2. Dues will be used to promote NSOA and its activities and are to remain a part of the associations financial accounts.
  3. Failure to pay annual dues thirty (30) days after the due date will result in the assessment of a late fee (50% of current annual fee) and all privileges of membership shall be suspended until all arrears are paid in full.


  1. These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership of the association during any business meeting at which at least 50% of the membership are present and voting.
  2. A proposed amendment must be in writing and read to the membership prior to voting.


If, for any reason, this association fails to exist in the future, the assets of the Northern Sports Officials Association shall be donated to the Michigan Special Olympics.


By Laws Amended and approved by Membership  on August 2016.

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